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Crossroad Arts

Crossroad Arts has spent 20 years celebrating the lives of communities locally, nationally and internationally.


Through a variety of inclusive arts events, programs and workshops, we have embraced diversity and beauty through creative collaborative story-telling.

Under the leadership of Crossroad Arts’ founding director and Ros Bower Award recipient, Steve Mayer Miller, Crossroad Arts continually delivered work with a distinct and unique quality that reflected the vibrancy of the region, and the people who call it home.

Crossroad Arts is known for its exceptionally high standard creative programs and the presentation of new and original performances.

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…an expression of community enterprise and commitment. This was community theatre at its best, using the musical, artistic and theatrical skills of local people, some with disabilities and some without, to create a work of immense power.
— Courier Mail Theatre Critic, Alison Coates, from her review of Letters from River Street. 2001