Finding Ithaka

July - Nov 2014

Mackay, Gladstone, Biloela, Dysart


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                                              Homer's Odyssey



White thread                         a journey like no other                                                                                                                                                              banner 1

spun, woven, danced, built, photographed, painted ,

sung and acted by aged care residents from Mackay,

Gladstone, Biloela and Dysart .

Nov 19 -22  Homefield Aged Care Centre




                                           sari yarn      







Arts 4 All

    Imagine a place

    where art is for everyone.

    We can!

    Can you?

    Your support will allow our programs

    to enrich the lives

    of people with a disability


2014 Program


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{what we do }

Crossroad Arts collaboratively develops opportunities for people who experience a disability, to access and participate in the arts...

{ how we do it }

We create partnerships with communities across Queensland and the Asia Pacific region to tell stories about those communities....

{ who we work with }

People with disabilities and partners who join with us in these programs...


{ why we do it }

Participation in the arts can transform people's lives. It strengthens how people feel about themselves and each other...


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Crossroad Arts
Crossroad Arts
DON'T MISS THIS! Tonight on ABC television 7.30 Report Brenden Borellini Blind Photographer Send us your thoughts, Brenden would love to hear them!
05:06 22-08-2014
Catherine Bruce
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Catherine Bruce
Our photo taken by an amazing man
08:18 12-08-2014
Crossroad Arts
Crossroad Arts
Brenden Borellini along with Steve Mayer-Miller and Kyla Ranger went to Central Queensland University last Saturday and spoke with a class of first year students studying an undergraduate degree in nursing. We would like to thank Lecturer Martin Hannah for the invitation, and we hope the class enjoyed the visit as much as we did.
06:14 12-08-2014
Josephine Edgerton
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Josephine Edgerton
Thank you Brendan for coming to the university to show us your photography skills, this is something that will be long remembered as a memorable day, and a terrific birthday.... thank you also for taking my picture.
10:39 11-08-2014
Lou Sykes
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Lou Sykes
Hi! It was so great to meet you all yesterday. Incredible. You are all so inspirational, Steven for conceiving & establishing this programme and Kyla- you are so obviously enthusiastic & caring. Brenden- I'm just floored by your story, I'm actually lost for words. Thank you all so much for coming to meet us! Oceans of love! ❤️
09:28 10-08-2014

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