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    Imagine a place

    where art is for everyone.

    We can!

    Can you?

    Your support will allow our programs

    to enrich the lives

    of people with a disability


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{what we do }

Crossroad Arts collaboratively develops opportunities for people who experience a disability, to access and participate in the arts...

{ how we do it }

We create partnerships with communities across Queensland and the Asia Pacific region to tell stories about those communities....

{ who we work with }

People with disabilities and partners who join with us in these programs...


{ why we do it }

Participation in the arts can transform people's lives. It strengthens how people feel about themselves and each other...


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Crossroad Arts
Crossroad Arts
03:29 28-08-2015
Crossroad Arts
Crossroad Arts
Diary Entry Sat 15th Aug, 6.15am Far Beach: Filming the chorus scenes as part of the creative development for the dance film Trailblaze. I watched as these black cloaked swirling figures whirled themselves pagan like in a kind of communion, arms held high dervishly upwards scaling body sand and sky blazing trails across the water, each frenzied footfall making prints in the wet sand only to vanish under the weight of an incoming tide And me with my cheeks red from the chill of salt wind off water sucked in the cold air and blew a stream of warm breath into my hands white knuckled and cupped then held them flat and tight against my face And I watched as tiny speckled grains of sand hurried across that wide stretch of beach pushed on by a south wind to unknown destinations.
Length 03:27
08:28 16-08-2015
Crossroad Arts
Crossroad Arts
Diary Entry Tues 11th Aug 6am Shoal Point. Goethe's poem 'Gefunden' inspired the dance by Ronja Ziysk from the coastal sequence in the creative development of the dance film 'Trailblaze'. Tomorrow 92 year old Cyril Moss leaves his room from the Mackay Aged Care Centre and rides with us out to the Wolf's Fang, south west of Clermont where we will film his trail and story.
Length 02:30
10:14 11-08-2015

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