Finding Ithaka

July - Nov 2014

Mackay, Gladstone, Biloela, Dysart


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                                              Homer's Odyssey



White thread                         a journey like no other                                                                                                                                                              banner 1

spun, woven, danced, built, photographed, painted ,

sung and acted by aged care residents from Mackay,

Gladstone, Biloela and Dysart .

Nov 19 -22  Homefield Aged Care Centre




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Crossroad Arts collaboratively develops opportunities for people who experience a disability, to access and participate in the arts...

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We create partnerships with communities across Queensland and the Asia Pacific region to tell stories about those communities....

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Crossroad Arts
Crossroad Arts
Weaving up a storm in Dysart! - Hinterland Aged Care Clients work alongside Pam Hutley making their contribution to the collection of woven banners which began in Mackay, continued in Gladstone and Biloela and wound up in Dysart. - We would like to thank The Tim Fairfax Family Foundation for making this outreach work possible. - All the artworks will be used in the Finding Ithaka Play taking place in Homefield, Mackay on the 19th - 22nd on November. Don't miss out!
00:14 29-10-2014
Certificate III in Hospitality
Certificate III in Hospitality
Permission to Post ENROL NOW! Certificate III in Hospitality Courses Starts: November 02, 2014 Please give us a call for more details : Phone: 1300 783 962
00:27 27-10-2014
Crossroad Arts
Crossroad Arts
Brenden Borellini spends his weekends traveling around Mackay photographing trees as part of his latest photographic series. The project has been opened up to the public, and we want to hear from you! So feel free to COMMENT BELOW if you have any suggestions. Already Brenden has received some great suggestions, making his first trip to Mango Ave, Eimeo to photograph the row of Mango Trees as recommended by Lara Payne. Thanks to those who have already shared with us the whereabouts of their favourite tree or trees.
07:01 20-10-2014
Crossroad Arts
Crossroad Arts
Singers Needed! In November 2014, 87 year old Norman Thornton along with his mate Woody Tryhorn will travel up by train from their home at the Gladstone Hibiscus Aged Care Centre to Mackay, to star in the Crossroad Arts intergenerational play 'Finding Ithaka' They will be joined by the residents of Homefield Aged Care Centre along with actors from Melbourne and Brisbane in this one off unique event, in the grounds of Homefield Aged Care Centre in George St from 19 -22 November. Crossroad Arts are looking for young enthusiastic and energetic singers to work in with the elderly residents to give them the confidence and that Je ne sais quoi when they sing. You can come as a group or as an individual. Please call us on 49535122 if you are interested. The roles are voluntary.
03:30 14-10-2014

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