Finding Ithaka

July - Nov 2014

Mackay, Gladstone, Biloela, Dysart


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                                              Homer's Odyssey



White thread                         a journey like no other                                                                                                                                                              banner 1

spun, woven, danced, built, photographed, painted ,

sung and acted by aged care residents from Mackay,

Gladstone, Biloela and Dysart .

Nov 19 -22  Homefield Aged Care Centre




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Arts 4 All

    Imagine a place

    where art is for everyone.

    We can!

    Can you?

    Your support will allow our programs

    to enrich the lives

    of people with a disability


2014 Program


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{what we do }

Crossroad Arts collaboratively develops opportunities for people who experience a disability, to access and participate in the arts...

{ how we do it }

We create partnerships with communities across Queensland and the Asia Pacific region to tell stories about those communities....

{ who we work with }

People with disabilities and partners who join with us in these programs...


{ why we do it }

Participation in the arts can transform people's lives. It strengthens how people feel about themselves and each other...


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Crossroad Arts
Crossroad Arts
In Nara City working in collaboration with Japanese dancer Shin Sakuma, as they facilitate their first workshop for a group from Tanpopo-No-Ye.
06:00 29-01-2015
Crossroad Arts
Crossroad Arts
Yesterday they flew out of Mackay, and tonight they land in Japan! Best of luck to the Crossroad Arts team who will be performing the new adaptation of the play Cry of the Curlew on the 1st of February in Nara City!
05:21 27-01-2015
Crossroad Arts
Crossroad Arts
As part of an international tour Crossroad Arts deaf blind photographer Brenden Borellini will be exhibiting 30 of his black and white landscape photographs in an exhibition called 'Falling Leaf'. One of the features of the exhibition is the 3D rendering of the photographs for a blind audience. The exhibition is the culmination of Brenden’s year long traineeship at Crossroad Arts in photography. A feature of the exhibition will be a performance by Japanese deaf dancers led by Hiromi Mita on February 7. The exhibition will then tour to Nagoya where Crossroad Arts will collaborate with the disability arts organisation Popeye.
01:46 16-01-2015
Crossroad Arts
Crossroad Arts
Crossroad Arts commented on their own status.
00:39 08-01-2015
Crossroad Arts
Crossroad Arts
CROSSROAD ARTS GETS READY FOR JAPAN! This Australia Day a team of actors, puppeteers and artists will make their way to Nara City Japan to present a new adaptation of our play Cry of the Curlew! With just over 2 weeks to go, there is plenty of work to be done. Brenden Borellini will also be holding a photographic exhibition in Nara City and Nagoya. It is an exciting time for Crossroad Arts.
00:51 07-01-2015
Crossroad Arts
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Crossroad Arts
Crossroad Arts commented on a post.
05:52 06-01-2015

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